Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer

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Fusion3 EDGE 3D Printer


  • Standard Version, with ANVIL Print Head, .4MM print tube installed (one additional print tube provided), and standard multizone heated tool steel print bed.
  • Installed glass print surface (additional spare glass backup provided).
  • 2 Year Base Warranty - US & Canada
  • Free Lifetime Technical Support (resolve any technical issues)
  • 1KG spool of Generic ABS. For initial prints to confirm no damage during shipment
  • Standard operator's toolkit
  • EDGE Maintenance Kit (2 x .4MM Replacement Anvil Print Tubes, 5 Print Head Scrubbers, 1 Air Filter Cover, & 1 Set of HEPA/Carbon Air Filter, 10x replacement bowden tubes)
  • Fusion3 F3Slic3r 3D printing software included (unlimited licenses/installations).

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