Clear / Natural PLA Filament " NO YELLOW HUE"

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Natural/Clear PLA Filament "NO YELLOW HUE/TINT"*

Clear / Natural PLA filament - Exceptional clarity without the typical raw yellow tint from PLA!

*This specific product may vary slightly from production date / LOT# in terms of yellow/blue index, this is due to a varying amount of yellowness in raw PLA material, we do our best to adjust and compensate for it and deliver a neutral tone clear.

Available in sample coils- Click HERE 

Also available in 3.5KG rolls- Click HERE

 Print temp 190 to 230C
 +/- 0.02mm or less average diameter variation
 0.02 mm or less out of round 
Resin Type : Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo PLA + Atomic additive package